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 The contacts on quality keys are made of silver.   Attempting to clean these contacts with an ignition file, sandpaper or emery cloth can ruin them. 

 The KEY CONTACT CLEANER is a two sided, extremely fine material, designed to clean and polish soft metals.  This will clean your contacts, not grind away the silver.

 The KEY CONTACT CLEANER will keep your key working perfectly with occasional use. Simply insert between the contacts and hold closed with light pressure. Pull the cleaner strip through the contacts. One or two passes should be sufficient.

 The KEY CONTACT CLEANER is a  X 4  " strip, flexible enough to get in the tightest places.


   CONTACT CLEANER STRIPS are $ 4.00 Each,   With FREE Shipping Worldwide!  Email for larger quantity discount!

    Pay with Cash, USPS Money Order or PayPal


                       WITH                                             Limited  Edition

          TEN-TEC  KEY

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