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    I have been a Ham since 1970,  holding calls WN4UNY,  WB4UNY,  AA4LC   and  now AA4F.  My interests have taken me from 80 meters to 450 Mhz.  From CW to SSB.  From novice to extra.  From dits to digital.  From contests to ragchews.  From dipoles to quagis.  From tailgate parties to Dayton.  From gopher to hamfest chairman.  From newbie to club president.  From QRP to kilowatt.  From base station to portable and mobile.  From Heathkit to homebrew.   I have enjoyed many facets of Ham radio for more than 40 years!

       I attended several Hamfests a year with Mitch,  W4OA, the previous owner of VIBROPLEX, and had the pleasure of helping with his booth.   After several hams asked about something to clean their key contacts with,  I realized there was nothing available!   The days of the relay contact burnisher went out with the development of solid state equipment.   I had to find a suitable material that would clean the contacts without removing the soft silver.

      The KEY CONTACT CLEANER is made of a material used to polish soft metal.   This will remove oxidation, dust and oil without harming the contact.  A couple passes through the contacts will keep them making perfect DOTS and DASHES.

Works great on small relays and battery contacts too!